Growing participation and closing the gender gap

Friday 22nd of June, Trinity college

One of the flagship events of Bike Week 2012 will be an international cycling conference entitled “Growing Cycling Participation and Closing the Gender Gap” taking place in Trinity College Dublin on Fri 22nd June.

Three years into the National Cycle Policy Framework (NCPF), this conference will assess its progress in bringing positive change to cycling in Ireland. It will emphasise the necessity of focusing on women and young people to achieve the target of 10% cycling participation by 2020. Papers will be presented from Irish and European perspectives with new initiatives and ideas. It will provide essential guidelines for officials, professionals and practitioners.  

The main contributors to the full day conference will include Lord Mayor of Dublin Cllr. Andrew Montague, Dr. Leo Varadker (Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport), Senator Ivana Bacik, Kevin Mayne (European Cyclists’ Federation), Ciaran Cuffe (Dublin Institute of Technology), Teresa Lavin (IPH), Damien O Tuama (Cycle Policy Auditor), Dr. Catherine Wood (DCU) and many more. A full list and further details are available at

Please note that registration is now open and that early bird rates will be available until FRIDAY 8TH JUNE.  Note also the concessionary rates available for members of Dublin Cycling Campaign + students + OAP’s + unwaged.”

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

In February I found out the Dublin Cycling Campaign were back in to the St. Patrick’s day Parade. Having done it last year, just before the business started, I had no doubt I was going to join this year again.

Last year I cycled a newly bought cargo bike with my two oldest kids, but this year my husband was joining as well and so did my youngest daughter. Frank was going to cycle the cargo bike, and I decided to cycle a bike with Róisín in her Bobike Mini front seat.                                               Liam (our oldest invited) one of his friends from school, who happens to have the cutest twin brothers so they were invited along as well. Liam and his friend cycled on their own bikes and the twins (one is in the same class as my oldest daughter) were coming in the cargo bike.

The team for this year was WHO WHAT WHY/ Scientist/ Victorian, and after trawling the internet I decided to go with a victorian maid outfit which I sew together from an old dress of my daughter and bits I had lying around. The kids I had dressed as scientist and used my old beautician uniform jackets for that purpose, we looked the part.






Other members of the cycling campaign wore various science inspired outfits.













After a bit of a wait trying to keep the kids entertained we started to move, the cycling campaign handed out apples in reference to the gravity theory by Newton (I think)

Roisin was having lots of fun from her comfortable seating position on front of the bike, waving at the crowds she was like a little princess. We got as far as half way down O’Connell street when I noticed her head starting to roll, and her eyes closing. She was doing her usual party trick and fell asleep, I tried to lie her on the handlebar pillow but she ended up lying back, so I just leaned forwards on the handlebars and her head was leaning on my chest.

The whole way the crowd were like a mexican wave going aaaaaaaaaaaaaahw and laughing when they seen her asleep on the bike, there were lots of people and photographers taking pictures and a few film camera’s noticed us at the same time. The big RTE camera was taping us for what must have been minutes on O’Connell bridge and Westmoreland street.

We got to St Patrick’s Cathedral and the parade was over again, and after a quick break our little family made our way back the way we came while the roads were still closed for traffic. When I got to the car I seen a text message saying I was all over the TV.

We got home and watched the parade and sure as it was, near the end there I was with Roisin asleep cycling across the TV screen, it was lovely and my website views were phenomenal because of it.








I am sure next year, if they need cyclist again, we will be there. (see you in 2013?)



Petrol Prices are rising

 With the price of petrol having crossed the 1.60€ mark in some petrol stations, people are afraid it will soon pas the 2€ mark.

It would only make sense for people to do the smaller trips by bicycle or on foot, I understand if you have a 60 mile commute twice a day, a bike might not be the handiest, but for small trips, like school runs, grocery shopping and the likes there is no need for a car.

By Cycling these small distances you could save yourself a fortune as well as do your bit for the environment

  • you save on petrol
  • you save on gym fees as you would get your exercise from cycling on a daily basis
  • you see more when out cycling instead of being stuck in a car
  • you shop local, therefore investing your money locally, maybe even creating jobs locally which might do away with the 60 mile commute for some people.
  • Keeping your car of the road a bit more is better for the environment 
  • More cyclist on the road contribute to a safer traffic, as more cars drivers become aware of cyclist if it is a regular occurrence on the road.

The list can go on and on, it just makes sense to use a bicycle more often and to leave the car at home

Sky ride Dublin 2011

Today was the Day of Dublin’s Skyride and of course we wanted to take part.As it was in town it was going to take some cycling to get there, so even there was a storm blowing, we set of on our cargo bike, direction Dublin town.The wind was in our back for most of it, and it is mostly downhill. The rain was only light and I was sampling one of the Wateroffaducksback rain coats.

 My girls comfy and dry ready to go!






                                                                                            Arriving in town on the quays





                                                                                                                                                          Aviva Stadium

As I was talking to the guys from the Dublin Cycling Campaign about buying a  Tshirt to support the cause, the lord Mayor of Dublin came over to talk to them as well so: perfect picture opportunity.

My keypad on the laptop is acting up tonight so I will have to update this blog post in the next few days

Bike To Work Day 2011

Today was Bike to Work day in Ireland as part of bikeweek 2011, There was a lunchtime leisure cycle organised and I had registered to take part, for the past few days I have been praying the weather would be good, and according to my almighty I phone it was meant to be…. it was not, well not really. When I got up this morning it was grey skies and drizzly, so for that reason I went in to my stock and got myself a set of rain gear.

At around 10.45 I got ready for my 8 mile cycle to town, I decided to bring the baby and here she is ready for a long cycle. We left Lucan and about 10mins down the road Ready for the big cycle the exitement was too much for her and she conked out for a little nap.



I stopped the bike and made a little bed from blankets I had brought and her Nappy bag so she could have a little snooze, I wouldn’t cycle anywhere fast in the Cargo bike as it is simply is not made for speeding, so she was safe in there.

We arrived in Palmerstown where I collected my older Daughter from the Naoionra (Irish play school) and it started to rain so the baby was rudely awakened by a cold shower.

We got back on the road to continue from Palmerstown to town.

Lots of stares and fingerpointing happened along the way, I even had the pleasure of some old sour prune in a landrover look at me dissaprovingly and shaking her head slightly, proplably had something to do with the fact neither me or any of my kids was wearing any headgear bar our capuchon, but that is for a different blog, The Helmet lovers eh? Let’s say no more.

We arrived in Grand Canal Square where there were quite a few bicycles after turning up, it was great to see such a good turn out even in ‘bad’ weather. Someone said to me today; there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! And that makes sense, Luckily I had my Fastrider rain suit.

So after a few minutes getting pictures taken, people coming over and saying what a good idea my bike is, and the press asking for pictures and video (will we be famous?) The bell rang and the cycle started.


Here are a few pics of the cycle itself, at one stage we were cycling on the quays, and the guards had cordoned of the roads to let us all throug, there were however a handfull of cars on our path but the cyclist were in the mayority, and the dreamer in me was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if it was always like this, were cars are a minority.

One can dream can’t they. The cycle itself lasted for about 30 mins and was only a few km’s long, after which we were back in grand canal square were there were little food stalls and more press and people promoting products, we were asked a few questions by the Irish independent and another few photographers that had taken pictures of me and the girls. Ran in to a few familiar faces from the Dublin Cycling Campaign, and had chats here and there with other cyclist about my bike and my shop.

After a bite to eat I made my way over to Bayside in Sutton were I was meeting my husband, on the way I shot another few pictures with a few Dublin Land Marks and my bike of course.

Samuel Beckett Bridge (made in Holland of course )

And by the Jeanny Johnston

And as you can see the weather had cleared up, typical it happened after the event!

Lock your Bicycle

Here is a picture I came across while doing a bit of surfing on the net, and reading some ones blog post. Thought I’d share as I had a good giggle over it myself. Enjoy


How to overtake a cyclist

25th of May 2011

Found this video on youtube thanks to the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Fairly basic stuff but too many times the overtaking is not done like explained in the video.

We are rolling!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture my day today, emails, writing emails, reading emails, answering emails and multiply that by a thousand,add in a couple of telephone calls, placing a few careful orders, which involved more emails.A quick trip out on the bike to sort out some finances then another phone call followed by another one.Few more emails to round it off.

That is what my day looked like today, but the end result is that as of this evening 20.00 hrs 3rd of  May is LIVE!!
To say I am happy is an understatement, I am ecstatic, over the moon, exited, delighted and everything that can suitably describe it!

So on this note I want to thank for her hard work and listening to all my request/stupidity/nagging and sometimes silly questions. You really pulled the site together and I am now a very happy customer.

I want to apologize to my three kids for mostly ignoring them today. Mammy is sorry, but today I really was busy.

I want to thank my Husband who did more than his fair share of running after the kids, doing the school run back and forth, minded the kids, changed the baby several times, and then topped it all off by cooking dinner (we’ll make a kitchen princes of you yet) and doing the dishes before he put the kids to bed. Frank THANK YOU!

I am still buzzing with exitement and need to calm down before I can hit the Hay.

Twas a good day twas ;-D

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Listen or lose me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am looking for a printer to use for the business I am starting, got in contact with one and asked for a quote,

they wanted to send me a sample of their products and they are great quality.
I again asked for a quote and got told the prices are on the website.
Again I asked for a quote and explained that we have to get one to get a grant of Social Welfare, Again they told me the prices are on the website.
Now I have to say the business card samples they send me make very good toothpicks! lol
Posted by Dutch Bike Shop Dublin

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