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Bobike Balance Bike

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The Balance Bike is a training bike suitable for children from 2 – 5 years. The Balance Bike helps little ones to learn how to steer, keep their balance and develop their motor skills. It is literally the very first step to learn how to ride a bike yourself.

The Balance Bike has a built-in handlebar limiter that helps the little rider to control how far he or she turns the handlebars. The handles are made of comfortable rubber. The ergonomically shaped saddle is adjustable in height so that the child can enjoy the balance bike for as long as possible. The shock-absorbing 240 mm wheels made of EVA material offer extra comfort and cannot be punctured. The Balance Bike comes in two color combinations.

Steering limiter to help children maintain control of the handlebar.
Children are seated so that they can reach the ground during their ride and find their balance.
Meet CE-EN71.
• This item is considered a toy.
• Not to be used on public roads.
• Item must be used under parental supervision.

EVA wheels to absorb shock for extra comfort for your child.
Soft cushion on the saddle.
Soft grips for extra comfort on your child’s bike.

other features
Adjustable saddle height (320-335-350 mm).
Foldable wheel for easy storage.
Easy to assemble.
Tools included.

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