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Cargo Bike Hire

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Try a cargo bike before you buy

We rent out some of our cargo bikes to give you a chance to try one in your own environment. Do the school run, the shopping, see where you would park and if you are able to manage it.

The cost of a day Cargo Bike rental is €40, and up to 5 days rental gets taken off your purchase price if you decide to buy one for yourself.

These bikes are stored at our location in Lucan where you can collect from and deliver back to at the end of your rental period.

We also have an option to  deliver the cargo bike for trails within a 20km radius of Lucan, there is a €20 non refundable delivery charge, and the minimum rental is 2 days in this case.

The models we have available for rental are the Babboe Big, the Workcycles Kr8, Workcycles Fr8 and the Winther Lite (2 seats)

None of our rental models are electric, but when you decide to purchase your own, all these bikes have the option to be build with electric assist.

If you prefer just to have a test ride of all the bikes , we will welcome you to our location where you can try them all.

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