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Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are the ideal solution for carrying kids and cargo from A to B and beyond. They are safely strapped in a solid box in front of you where you can interact with them and with the nescessary covers are protected from the rain and wind. Here at Dutch Bike Shop we have a large range of various brands and styles of cargo bikes to suit everybody’s needs.

We are often asked what is the difference in between two and three wheel cargo bikes.

A 3 wheel cargo bike generally has a larger box and space for up to 4 kids in the box and are able to carry a weight of up to 100kg excluding the rider. Because of the three wheels the bike does take a little bit of getting used to and is slower than the 2 wheel variety. It is however more stable than a 2 wheel cargo bike and wont fall over unless you corner really fast.

A 2 wheel cargo bike has a slightly smaller box and in most cases comes with seats for 2 kids, with the option of purchasing an extra seat for a 3rd child, or a possibility to attach a maxi cosi seat. When you get over the fact that your handlebars are a bit away from your front wheel it will handle a lot more like an ordinary 2 wheel bike , corners a lot better, and cycles lighter than a 3 wheel cargo bike. The carrying capacity of a 2 wheel cargo bike is generally around 80kg excluding rider.

We have a number of different cargo bikes in the shop for rentals and trials, we encourage you to take the bike and try them in your own environment for a couple of days and see how it will work for you and your family/company. The fee for rental is €40 per day and if you decide to purchase a cargo bike we wil deduct up to 5 days rental of your purchase price.

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