Cycle To Work Scheme

Bike to Work Scheme

  • The bike to work scheme covers bicycles and accessories up to €1250 for manual bikes and €1500 for electric bikes
  • You can save up to 52% Depending on the current level of Tax, PRSI and USC you currently pay on your wages.

On 1 January 2009 a new government bike to work scheme to encourage people to cycle to work came into force. Cycling keeps you fit, it’s fast, cheap and reliable – and it’s good for the environment.

The bike to work scheme covers bicycles and accessories up to a maximum cost of €1250/€1500. The bicycle must be purchased by your employer but the scheme can then operate either with your employer bearing the full cost of the bicycle, or by way of a salary sacrifice agreement (like the existing travel card scheme) in which you pay for it, tax free, over 12 months. You can save up to 52%

Participating in the bicycle to work scheme is easy. If your employer decides to take part, they simply buy the bike and equipment on your behalf and off you go. Its is up to you and your employer to decided whether they buy the bike outright for you or whether you pay for it via ‘salary sacrifice’. Either way you save on tax.

The scheme is flexible in its application in that your employer doesn’t have to specifically notify the Revenue Commissioners that you’re availing of the scheme and there are no Government forms to fill out. However, your employer does have to maintain the normal records such as invoices and payment details associated with buying the bike.

Cycle to Work Scheme Participants

We are on the official cycle to work supplier list for the OPW  and are able to supply the Public sector as well as private sector employees. Please note that the official Cycle-to-Work Scheme information page is now located at:

We have partnered with both Biketowork Ltd, taxfreebicycles, taxsaverbikes and

However, when buying a bike we prefer to deal with companies directly, it is much more straightforward, which means you get your bicycle and accessories faster,  and we will add in free services to your purchases for the next 12 month when dealing with us directly!

Proceeding with the bike to work scheme

If you want to proceed and buy one of our bikes, the best way is to select a bicycle on our site and any accessories you would like to add, and email us on and we will send you back a quote for the whole package.

Frequently asked questions

The bike I want will cost more than the €1250/1500 euro, can I still avail of the scheme? Yes, the bike to work scheme will cover the first 1250/1500 euro and the balance gets paid by you directly.

How much can I save? That really depends on the level of Tax, PRSI and USC you currently pay. The way it works is that your employer pays the €1250/1500 euro and you pay that back over your gross wages. 

I have a bike already, can I just buy accessories on the bike to work scheme? Yes you can

Can I buy a bike for my child on the cycle to work scheme? We do not sell children’s bikes on the cycle to work scheme. It is for adult bikes only.

Can I buy a second hand bike on the cycle to work scheme? Only new bicycles and accessories qualify for the cycle to work scheme.

Do electric bikes qualify for the cycle to work scheme? Yes they do, as these bikes are more than the €1500, the balance of the bike gets paid by you directly.