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On your bike Lord Mayor of Dublin

On Tuesday we were involved in the handover of the official bike for Dublin city’s first citizen Lord Mayor cllr Nial Ring. Mr Ring had been caught a few weeks previous to this parking his official car on a cycle lane in Dublin’s O’Connell street during a ribbon cutting ceremony of a new business start up.

Subsequently the members of the Dublin Cycling Campaign rallied around and crowdfunded the cost of a new bike to become the official bike for the lord Mayor.

We at the Dutch bike shop supplied this bike at cost and cllr Ring received the beautiful Gazelle CityGo for use around the city.

The pannier on the bike also came from our shop, it is an attache pannier with a laptop sleeve from the Newlooxs brand.

We hope the lord mayor will get good use out of his bike, duped the official freedom of the city,  and wish him many safe miles around Dublin City centre.

On the 28th of August

we are at the handover of the Lord Mayor of Dublin’s bicycle

He is going to receive a beautiful Gazelle CityGo which was supplied by our shop.

Due to this the shop will be closed from 11 to 1

A quick video of the rebuild of a bicycle wheel with a front dynamo hub

Spring has sprung? Or has it?

valentine bicycle

Here in dutchbikeshop HQ we are waiting with baited breath for the first sign of spring to arrive, we have noticed a ‘grand stretch in the evening’ and even seen te first daffodil greens starting to make an appearance but boy it is still cold.

With Valentines day just around the corner we wanted to share the items we LOVE with you, they would  keep the ‘fresh’ look a lot longer than a bunch of Flowers and show you really love your bike.

The first is our Basil Rosa Shopper  with its colourful design it is a great look on or off the bike, some handy side pockets for smaller items like a phone or your keys are a handy feature and they are of course water repellent. This lovely bag is also available as a double pannier as well.

Because in Ireland the spring months (and sometimes the months that follow) are often quite rainy we LOVE our selection of Rain coats. We have a hard time choosing between Georgia in Dublin’s Dublette or the  AGU SEQ. On the designer look, and the fact that it is Irish design Georgia’s Dublette wins and I am a proud owner of a red Dublette since my 40th 25th birthday.Iphone picture 103

I feel the coat really accentuates a feminine shape and keeps my bum dry when I am out cycling in the rain. It is an expandable coat so I can carry a fair size backpack underneath it and will suit from a small size 6 to a size 14 in S/M and 16-20 will fit in a L size coat.

This coat is used for cycling, for horseback riding or just as your favourite (dressy) rain coat. We love it.

Next is our wooden crate, if your bike has a front carrier these wooden boxes give it a cool urban loWicked krat grootok. It will carry a fair amount of shopping or a number of school bags on the journey to school or work. Dress it up with a GinD Crate Cover to keep belongings dry and contained if cycling over a bump.

Workcycles FR8 has to be the bike of choice, the utter workmanship and the way this bike has been thought out before being put in production is of such high quality. We are so exited that we are the Irish distributor for this handbuild Dutch bike.  With it’s various ways of setup this bike is the ultimate bicycle made for 2, or 3 or even 4 depending on how many children or adults you like to carry. As a standard the bike is good for carrying around 250kg. On a side note, at last years cargo bike championships in Dublin’s Phoenix park, our overall winner was cycling one of these beauties which was set up as a long tail bike.


picture credit to workcycles

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Child Bike Seats

Front Mounted Child Bike seats

As spring is upon us once again more people will be looking to get back out on their bicycle and if you are a parent, like us, you might wonder which child bike seat should i choose.

From our experience it really depends on the type of bike you are going to use and also the age of your child. For very young children i.e 9months old we personally prefer a front mounted seat.

They will sit in between your arms, you can talk to them, give them a quick kiss on their noggin, they can see the world around them instead of staring at your back and most importantly when (not if!) they fall asleep you can guide their head to a comfortable position instead of on the back where you sometimes don’t even notice they are asleep and the child will be sitting there with their head lulling over to the side.

Here in the Dutch bike shop we have several different options for front mounted seats

Bobike Mini +


  • Retails at only €74.95,
  • is a nice compact seat so if you cycle in a bent over position (flat handlebar hybrid etc) it won’t push in to your chest
  • Comes with a universal bracket that fits on the handlebar stem or can be used on a headset style setup (it would replace 20mm of stackers)
  • Hardware metal legs


  • footcups have to be adjusted with a screw, so not quick like other seats
  • 3 point seatbelt can be hard to loosen
  • optional handlebar/sleep roll sometimes does not fit on bikes with Ahead handlebar setup’s

Yepp Mini


  • Retails at €99.95
  • Comes with 5 point seatbelt
  • integrated handlebar and lock
  • made of shock absorbing easy to clean EVA material (think croc shoes)
  • Foot cups are easily adjusted
  • larger seat, more back support


  • seat leans back slightly and is larger so bikes with a bent over position it is not always suitable.
  • Comes with either a stem bracket or an ahead bracket

Qibbel Front Mounted Child Bike Seat


  • Price starts for a complete set at €81.85
  • Made for today’s larger kids
  • All hardware materials used
  • You design the seat and pick the bracket, the styling set and any other accessories to go with the seat
  • Easily adjusted foot supports


  • For some bikes this seat is too large
  • some people don’t like having to choose the loose bracket and stylingset to get a complete seat
  • The Toybar only works with use of a windscreen

RTE’s Late Late Toy show feature

Last friday, RTE the Irish National Broadcaster officially started the Christmas season with their annual Late Late Toy Show. Our most popular Girls Bike the Liberty Cruiser featured in the bike section which you can see in the video below.

Would you like to try your child on a bike in an unsuspicious way, on the 15th of November 2014 Santa will be visiting our shop, there will be lots of bikes, scooters, balance bikes and go carts on display to try for size, and then a visit with Santa to tell him which one you like under the tree on Christmas morning. The event is on from 9 till 1 in our warehouse in Ballymount.



This year during bikeweek the Phoenix part will be host to a series of daily events all of bike week. Kicking it all off on the 15th of June will be the Cargo Bike Championships we are part in organizing for the second year, together with Greenaer. The cargo bike championships are being sponsored by bikeweek, the OPW and the Dublin Cycling campaign. The Cargobike Championships will  start at 12.30 on chesterfield avenue, just past the phoenix monument where the road is closed of to cars. We are calling on all cargobike users, or anyone else who is interested to come along and join us for this fun filled event. So far we have around 20 teams already signed up, but there is always room for more. See you on the 15th!

Sunday the 15th of June the Cargo Bike Championships are being held again in the phoenix park.

Sunday the 15th of June the Cargo Bike Championships are being held again in the phoenix park.

We have the pleasure of being one of the organisers of the first Irish Cargobike Championships held in the Phoenix Park on the 16th of June 2013 an official part of bike week. It starts at 12.30

Cargo Bike Championship 024

This is going to be a great event for everything Cargo Bike related. On the day there will be: -small businesses who use cargo bikes displaying their wares/bikes -Bike demo’s, if you are in the market for one, don’t miss this event as we will have a full range of reputable brands available for test rides, as well as some documentation on the several brands, where they are from, what they cost and lots of other information to enable you to make a well informed choice – Colouring competitions for the littlies – As the name suggest there will be races with cargo bikes as well covering, load capacity, manoeuvrability, balance and speed, Danish vs Dutch etc etc If you would like to participate in the championship or just want to be kept informed, register by going on to our FB page www.facebook.com/IrishCargoBikeChampionships or go tohttp://http://irishcargobikechampion…eventbrite.ie/ Or email me astrid@dutchbikeshop.ie If you want to participate would like to know – your name – The number of people on your team (adults and kiddies) – Make and model of your cargo bike There are a limited number of cargo bikes available to use in the tournament on a first come first served basis. We need Your name What type you prefer (2 wheeled or a trike) This is a free event and promises to be a great day out for young and old! See you on the 16th of June in Phoenix park


  This weekend the 19th and 20th of May 2012 we wil be exhibiting at the very first Irish Cycling consumer show in the RDS in Dublin. We have on display some of the finest selections of Dutch made bicycles and bicycle accessories. Together with some very tempting show offers and a few Dutch treats it is promising to be an event not to be missed. Come and see us at stand A7     3/9/2011 we got a mention in the Irish Times Magazine today with the Water Off a Duck’s Back Rain Coats, If anyone wants to try this coat, we have a medium size available for inspection at our stall in Marley Park, or during the week at our address in Lucan.                       We are at the market in Marley Park every Saturday starting the 1st weekend in July 2011! We are on the official cycle to work supplier list for the OPW  and are able to supply the Public sector as well as private sector employees.

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