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  • Basil Robin Front Basket


    The Basil Robin is a trendy bicycle basket. 27L capacity Easy to mount Large dark grey basket that mounts to your axle and the crown nut on the headset of your bike. Large capacity and can carry around 10kg. Suitable for 26 and 28inch wheels not suitable for suspension front forks

  • Heavy Duty Rear Carrier

    Heavy Duty Rear Carrier


    This heavy duty rear carrier is made in the Netherlands by Steco. It has been approved for 35kg carrying capacity and is what we recommend for carrying (older) kids and heavy loads. It cleverly comes with the Yepp easyfit windown, which eliminates the need for the easyfit bracket, meaning your yepp easyfit seat will sit…

  • Hurl-Hockeystick Clip

    Hurl-Hockeystick Clip


    Clip for holding your Hurl or Hockey stick on your bicycle. Also works for umbrella’s, tennis rackets, fishing rods or possibly even a nice branch you picked up on one of your cycles. The possibilities are endles. The clip itself mounts with strong cable ties to a suitable position on your frame. Now you can…

  • Opossum Rear bike seat thermal cover

    Rear bike seat thermal poncho


    The opossum bike seat snug is a rain and windproof cover that fits any rear bike seat, it can also be used as a bike seat cover when your child is not with you in his/her seat. Opossum is the ideal solution for cycling with your child on the cold, windy and rainy days. The…

  • 30*30 Bicycle Front Rack

    Steco 30×30 Bicycle Front Carrier


    Black powder coated front rack metal Suitable for bicycles with 26” to 28” wheels without front fork suspension.4 made in holand measures 30x30cm can hold 15kg bracket for putting your light integrated  

  • 30*30 Bicycle Front Rack

    Steco Bicycle Front Carrier Child bike


    Black powder coated front rack metal Suitable for bicycles with 20” to 24” wheels without front fork suspension made in holand can hold 10kg bracket for putting your light on  

  • Steco Carrier Extension

    Steco Carrier Extension


    The Steco Tas Mee extends your carrier to enable you to bring a pannier as well as a child seat

  • Steco Carrier Flow

    Steco Carrier Flow


    A narrow, stylish front carrier with a retro look Its trendy design eliminates parking problems Easy to mount on the crown bolt  Also suitable for various bicycles with a suspended front fork. Equipped with catches for the straps and a permanently attached light bracket Fits Wheels up to 28” A rack with an EN 14872…

  • Steco Carrier Smooth

    Steco Carrier Smooth


    Its trendy design eliminates parking problems and still provides plenty of bearing surface for extra stability. Very quick and easy to mount Equipped with a permanently attached headlamp hook. Fits 26” and 28” bicycles. A rack with an EN 14872 max. 15 kg certificate.

  • STECO Front Carrier Ahead connection

    STECO Front Carrier Ahead connection


    Sturdy Bicycle Front carrier that connects around the ahead on your bike, This model can be used on bicycles with front fork suspension. All brackets are included. Max. load weight 15kg

  • Steco Samba Ahead Carrier


    Large Ahead frame mounted carrier with rail. Fits a medium rattan basket. More suitable for Dutch bikes with large headsets that can accommodate the space needed for putting on a crate. This carrier sits rigid on the frame

  • V-Brake front carrier

    Steco V-Brake front carrier


    Robust 16mm steel tube front carrier that mounts on the V-brake on the front fork. Used with suspension or non suspension front forks measuring 16″-28″ ISO 11243:2016-12 rated carrier (10 kg). size 18×20 cm. Matte Black epoxy finish

  • Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi

    Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi


    The Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi seat is a rear mounted seat for bicycles with a 25kg rating on the carrier. Or the Seatpost mounted option is for bicycles without a (suitable ) carrier and mounts to the seat post instead The seat is an ideal option to mount on electric bicycles. Maximum child comfort and…