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  • Brooks B17 Saddle

    The B17 and B17 S Aged are Brooks flagship saddles the B17 and B17 S  are ideal for sports touring, trekking and atb use. Available only in softened leather MADE IN ENGLAND

  • Brooks B67 Saddle

    Brooks B67 Saddle


    Classically sprung Brooks Saddle for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S Aged are the ideal all-rounders for daily city or touring use in a rather upright posture. Thanks to the softer leather the B67 and B67 S Aged are comfortable from day 1. They are most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars higher…

  • Sale! Brooks D-Shaped Toolbag

    Brooks D-Shaped Toolbag


    The D-Shaped Bag was featured in Brooks Catalogues for over 100 years. The D-shaped tool bag exists of two pieces, an outer sleeve which is permanently attacked to the saddle, and an inner purse that can be removed so any valuables contained in it can be taken of the bike. The inner purse is attached in…

  • Brooks Maintenance Kit

    Brooks Maintenance Kit


    Maintaining your Brooks saddle,  will ensure that it becomes the most comfortable and durable saddle you could ever wish for. The maintenance kit includes all you need to take care of your Brooks Saddle: a can of Proofide leather dressing, a cotton cloth to polish the saddle and a Brooks Spanner.

  • Brooks Proofide


    Brooks leather conditioner for saddles. Recommended to use this on your brooks saddle once every 6 months to keep the leather supple and hydrated.  

  • Brooks Slender Grips

    Brooks Slender Grips


    Brooks Slender Leather Grips feature vegetable tanned leather tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for the user, while maintaining the standard for sustainability set by the Plump Grips, allowing the user to replace worn parts if necessary. The design incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in…

  • Selle Comfort Saddle


    This Selle Comfort saddle is suitable for all adult bikes. The handle under the saddle makes it very user friendly on e-bikes as well as manual bikes. Made of black leatherette and suitable for an upright cycling position