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  • Azor Flevo N.O edition


    The Azor Flevo New Orleans version is a streamlined luxury city bike for every day use. Either cycling trough the city or touring around the country. The oversized aluminium frame give the Azor Flevo a stable and light feel. It comes equipped with dynamo light, a super bright front light. On the bike there are…

  • Azor Mixte Jeker


    The Azor Mixte is a lightweight sporty Dutch made bicycle suitable for Men and Women. Due to the 67 degree construction of this frame it is still an upright bike. The bike comes with either 3, 7 or 8 gears and is equipped with dynamo lights. The steel chain guard and strong wheels make this…

  • Azor Oma Carolina


    This Classic Frame has been in production for over 100 years. After all these years the Azor Oma is still a classic, strong, stabile and comfortable bike 67 degrees geometrie Can be fitted with a front carrier Available in Matte Black and gloss Black, Matte Army Green, Matte Red, Violet, Orange and Apple green 61cm…

  • Azor Twin Bike


    The Azor Twin bike was developed to cycle with 3 kids and your belongings, it is standard fitted with a front carrier and the rear carrier is long enough to take 2 full size seats. The bike has a 53cm long seat post, lights are operated by the hub dynamo. Different gearing options make this…

  • Azor Workman


    The Azor Workman is a sturdy aluminium frame with a double seat stay. The low cross frame makes it easier to get on and off the bike and makes the frame extra stiff and able for ‘the job’. The frame is slightly extended giving more room in between the seat and the handlebars. The front…




    The BSP GAEV is a retro style bike that comes equipped with 3 gears and a coaster brake. A dutch made front carrier and integrated battery operated lights. Wheels High Dutch19 rims with G13 spokes Frame Retro steel frame Front carrier Retro steel Hollands Steco Mudguards Laquered steel Chain guard Laquered steel Chain KMC Z1…

  • BSP La Dolce Vita


    The La Dolce Vita is a bike that is designed to be made for use with 2 child seats, with the sturdy carrier, the double legged stand and the slightly elongated frame. But even without seats this is still an exceptional bike. Available in 7 speed Also available as an electric bike  

  • BSP Metropolis E StePs


    De Metropolis E Steps is equipped with a powerful mid mounted Shimano StePs 5000 motor. No hill is too steep and no day too blustery with the use of this Ebike. The BSP Metropolis E StePs is a comfortable Dutch transport bike with 2 solid carriers and lights that are operable from the handlebar display….

  • BSP Metropolis Family


    The BSP Metropolis family is the latest addition to the metropolis line. It comes with 7 Nexus gears and two handbrakes and has a slight extension in the frame to allow for the child seat in front and a sturdy rear carrier to enable a child seat on the rear. The front carrier is also…

  • BSP Metropolis+


    The BSP Metropolis is the award winning Dutch transport bike designed and made in the Netherlands. The + model comes equipped with 2 roller brakes and 7 gears. Available in Ocean grey and Matte Black in the step trough frame model, and Black for the crossbar model We have some models in the yard for…

  • BSP Seven O


    The BSP Seven O is a durable low maintenance bicycle suitable for all uses , wether it is school, commuting or shopping, this bike will do it all. Sold out at the moment, New stock due in late June 2021     Wheel Freeway rims, G13 Stainless Steel Spokes Lights 3-speed LED battery  Frame Steel…

  • BSP Voyager


    The BSP Voyager is a ‘lightweight’ sporty but comfortable city bike, very suitable for longer distances as well as shorter commutes Gents bikes are available in 56, 60 and 64cm frames Ladies bikes are available in 50-56 and 61cm frames   black mat honey green platina grey mat summer blue mat     *Both ladies…

  • Gazelle Bloom

    Gazelle Bloom


    The Gazelle Bloom Mothers Bike is a bike that lends itself exceptionally well for cycling with your children with a low instep and extra space in between your handlebars for carrying a front bike seat. The Gazelle Bloom has an extra long rear carrier as well as a sturdy double stand. The handlebars can be…

  • Gazelle Chamonix C7

    Gazelle Chamonix C7


    The Gazelle Chamonix C7 is a stylish sporty city bike with hasn’t lost any of the comfort Gazelle bikes are famous for. It comes equipped with 7 internal gears, low resistance tyres and weighs around 18.9kg. Because everything is enclosed the Gazelle Chamonix is a low maintenance bicycle. Front lights work of the dynamo, it…

  • Sale! Gazelle CityGo C3 Steptrough Frame

    Gazelle CityGo C3 Steptrough Frame


    The Gazelle CityGo is a robust city bike with many handy features. It comes equipped with a sturdy rear carrier to carry all of your belongings. The front and rear light are integrated in the frame and are operated by dynamo, so batteries are a thing of the past. There is both a ring lock…

  • Gazelle Classic

    Gazelle Classic


    The Gazelle Classic offers your carefree cycling on a sturdy bike. It is a modern style of the classic omafiets and comes in 5 retro designs 3 speed Shimano Gears Front brake and coaster brake 20.9kg weight 51 or 57cm Frame Dynamo light contact us for available colours 10th May 2020 Currently out of stock…

  • Gazelle Esprit Ladies

    Gazelle Esprit Ladies


    The Gazelle Esprit is a classic looking bike with a modern twist and for Dutch Bike standards considered a light weight bike at 16.9kg with 3 gears and 17.8kg with 7 gears. With internal gears and an enclosed chain this bike is a low maintenance model It comes equipped with Aluminium frame 3 or 7…

  • Gazelle HeavyDutyNL

    Gazelle HeavyDutyNL


    The Gazelle HeavyDutyNL is the most complete transport bicycle available from Gazelle. Made from aluminium this bike looks and feels robust, but at the same time cycles lovely and light. It comes equipped with either 3 or 7 gears, front dynamo lighting, a front carrier and a rear carrier that will take a Yepp easyfit…