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  • Gazelle Miss Grace

    Gazelle Miss Grace


    the Gazelle miss Grace is a feminine but tough delivery bike. Because of its balloon tyres it cycles very pleasant and is light to steer. There is an optional rear carrier available on request. Either 3 or 7 speed shimano gears with roller brakes and comes equipped with a dynamo hub and build in rear…

  • Gazelle Orange C7+

    Gazelle Orange C7+


    The Gazelle Orange C7+ is Gazelle’s best selling bicycle. It comes equipped with 7 internal gears, front fork and seat post suspension, Roller brakes, Dynamo hub with integrated lighting, enclosed chain case, coat guard, sturdy rear carrier and a low instep frame. It is ideal for city cycling as well as longer treks Weight is…

  • Gazelle Orange C8

    Gazelle Orange C8


    The Gazelle Orange C8 is the most comfortable bike in Gazelle’s Orange range. It comes equipped with an 8 speed Shimano gear hub, Front fork and Seat post suspension, Integrated lights that work of the dynamo hub, an enclosed chain, roller brakes, coat guard and a low instep frame. Suitable for city cycling as well…

  • Gazelle PuurNL

    Gazelle PuurNL


    Gazelle PuurNL is a robust modern transport bike that can withstand a bit of abuse. It comes with either 3 or 7 gears and is made of aluminium. The Gazelle PuurNL comes equipped with battery operated lighting, an integrated lock, a double legged stand, front and rear carrier and it has the cables worked neatly…

  • Gazelle Tour Populair Export USA

    Gazelle Tour Populair Export USA


    The Gazelle Tour populair Export model has been Gazelle’s most popular export model and is not available to buy in the Netherlands with these gearing options. It is a classic shiny black bike with a robust steel frame and stainless steel rims, an ageless classic bike that has been in production for over 20 years….

  • Gazelle Tour populair T3

    Gazelle Tour populair T3


    The Gazelle Tour populair is a timeless classic bike that has been in production for over 20 years. It is a robust steel frame in a shiny black finish. This is a very low maintenance bike and very suitable for carrying children. The Gazelle Tour populair comes equipped with 3 Sturmey archer gears Rod brakes-…

  • Gazelle Tour Populair T7

    Gazelle Tour Populair T7


    The Gazelle Tour Populair is where Gazelle started back in 1892. The tour populair is still as sturdy, comfortable and useable today as it was all these years ago. The T7 comes equipped with Front and rear dynamo lights 7 speed Front Roller brake Coaster brake Mudguards Coatguards Chain guard Puncture resistant tyres Insurance rated…

  • Golden Lion Oma

    Golden Lion Oma


    A classic black Dutch Bike with 3 gears and 2 handbrakes. Battery operated lights Coat guards Mudguards Enclosed Chain A comfortable bike with a very upright cycling position

  • La Dolce Vita StEps


    The perfect combination of the populaire family bike the BPS La Dolce Vita with a powerful mid mounted Shimano StEps 5000 motor. This bike is designed for extreme comfort with or without child bike seats. The BSP La Dolce Vita StEps is equipped with a 7 speed gear hub,  front and rear carrier, powerful Shimano…

  • Workcycles FR8

    Workcycles FR8


    The Workcycles FR8 comes standard in either Satin black, Ocean Blue or Matte Grey, It has a front roller brake and dynamo LED lighting front and rear. It can be customised to your specifications, wether you want a cargo and child carrying bike. Or prefer a naked bike for cruising around. To a monster haulier…

  • Workcycles Fr8 ebike


    The Fr8 MAD is the electric Mid Mounted Motor electric option on the popular Workcycles Fr8 It comes equipped with a strong mid mounted Bafang Motor, a 612Wh battery and an Enviolo (nuvinci) hub on the rear. The Fr8 RWD has a rear wheel Neodrive Z20 motor, a 612Wh battery and is fitted with a…

  • Workcycles Gr8

    Workcycles Gr8


    The Gr8 (pronounced “Great”) is the lighter, compact version of WorkCycles’ amazingly versatile modular bike system. Like its big brother, the Fr8, the Gr8 can be configured for many purposes: commuting, carrying a child, rentals, or even fleet use for industry. In fact, almost all of the Fr8 carriers and accessories also fit the Fr8….

  • Workcycles GX Oma

    Workcycles GX Oma


    Like all WorkCycles bikes it’s handmade extra-tough for decades of comfortable, reliable daily service. This is no retro-style design object; it’s simply the modern evolution of the ever-popular Dutch granny bike, executed with quality and taste. Its smooth ride, pretty lines and comfortably upright position make the Oma popular amongst Dutch women (and men!) of…

  • Workcycles GX Oma Crossframe

    Workcycles GX Oma Crossframe


    WorkCycles city bike, built on the classic Dutch cross-frame; hand-built extra-tough for decades of reliable, daily service. Lots of stainless steel parts, special anticorrosion primer and powder-coat, super strong wheels and everything needed for low maintenance, year-round use. Like all WorkCycles bikes it’s made to be stored outdoors, year-round. The cross frame is extremely stiff,…

  • Workcycles Secret Service Ladies

    Workcycles Secret Service Ladies


    A tough and stealthily modern Dutch city bike that blends into the crowd. Compared to workcycles extraordinarily robust traditional models the Secret Service is a little tighter and lighter. It’s ideal both for those who cover some distance or ride in more varied terrain. We offer frame sizes from 45cm to 61cm to fit everybody…