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  • Babboe Baby & Toddler Seat

    Baby & Toddler Seat


    Baby Seat 3-8 months Babies can also be safely transported in the Cargo Bike. You can use a regular car baby seat, like a Maxi Cosi car seat, but it will take up a lot of space. The baby seat is a good alternative. It can be used to safely transport babies from 2 to…

  • Cargo Bike Night Cover (Pyjama)

    Cargo Bike Night Cover (Pyjama)


    The Cargo bike night cover provides  maximum protection when your Cargo Bike is kept outside,we advise you to use the pyjama cover. The pyjama cover protects your Cargo bike in all weather conditions and to prevent theft. Made of strong waterproof woven material length 295×120 height Black material