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  • Nihola 4.0

    Nihola 4.0


    The Nihola 4.0 has room for up to 4 children or a carry cot/maxi cosi and 2 kids on the bench, it is equipped with strong Magura brakes for extra control. The Nihola 4.0 is only available as a black bike and there are 5 colour choices for the box and the rain tent. There…

  • Nihola Dog

    Nihola Dog


    The Nihola Dog is a cargo bike specially designed for cycling around with your Dog. It comes with a dog belt and an aluminium opening door.  There is a choice of 8 colours for the box so your pet can pick it’s favourite. The Nihola Dog is build with an 8 speed Shimano Nexus gear hub…

  • Nihola Family

    Nihola Family


    The Nihola Family is the best sold cargo bike out of Nihola’s large selection of cargo bikes. The bike is sold as a complete package where you have a choice of 8 colours for both the box and the rain hood. It comes equipped with a bench and cushion ,1 seatbelt, security straps for a…

  • Nihola Flex

    Nihola Flex


    The Nihola flex is a cargo bike especially built for transporting a wheelchair. It has a very low base with a ramp that folds down, it accommodates wheelchairs with a  max width 68cm. The wheelchair is then fixed in place with quick adaptors similar to systems used on trains, buses and cars. The Nihola Flex…