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  • Simson Bicycle Mirror

    Simson Bicycle Mirror


    Small Bicycle mirror that attaches to the handlebar of your bike, enabling you to see traffic behind you without having to turn around and risk loosing your balance. Mirror diameter approximately 3 inch/ 7.5cm

  • Simson Bicycle Mirror Large

    Simson Bicycle Mirror Large


    The Simson Bicycle mirror attaches to your handlebars and enables you to see the traffic behind you without having to turn and loose your balance. Mirror is approximately 4.5 inch/11 cm  

  • Simson Puncture Repair Kit

    Simson Puncture Repair Kit


    Includes everything needed to repair a puncture. 3 Metal Tyre levers valve tube Simson rubber compound Sandpaper patches for tube and for the wheel  

  • Simson Ursus King Kickstand

    Simson Ursus King Kickstand


    Ursus kick stand with a wide foot. Adjustable to cover a wide range of bicycles Colour Black

  • 30*30 Bicycle Front Rack

    Steco 30×30 Bicycle Front Carrier


    Black powder coated front rack metal Suitable for bicycles with 26” to 28” wheels without front fork suspension.4 made in holand measures 30x30cm can hold 15kg bracket for putting your light integrated  

  • 30*30 Bicycle Front Rack

    Steco Bicycle Front Carrier Child bike


    Black powder coated front rack metal Suitable for bicycles with 20” to 24” wheels without front fork suspension made in holand can hold 10kg bracket for putting your light on  

  • Steco Buggy Mee

    Steco Buggy Mee


    Buggy Carrier for on a bicycle.  Fits most bicycles with rear carrier.  Can carry a buggy weighing up to 7kg.  Easy to assemble.  Suitable for use with most Child Bike Seats

  • Steco Carrier Extension

    Steco Carrier Extension


    The Steco Tas Mee extends your carrier to enable you to bring a pannier as well as a child seat

  • Steco Carrier Flow

    Steco Carrier Flow


    A narrow, stylish front carrier with a retro look Its trendy design eliminates parking problems Easy to mount on the crown bolt  Also suitable for various bicycles with a suspended front fork. Equipped with catches for the straps and a permanently attached light bracket Fits Wheels up to 28” A rack with an EN 14872…

  • Steco Carrier Smooth

    Steco Carrier Smooth


    Its trendy design eliminates parking problems and still provides plenty of bearing surface for extra stability. Very quick and easy to mount Equipped with a permanently attached headlamp hook. Fits 26” and 28” bicycles. A rack with an EN 14872 max. 15 kg certificate.

  • STECO Front Carrier Ahead connection

    STECO Front Carrier Ahead connection


    Sturdy Bicycle Front carrier that connects around the ahead on your bike, This model can be used on bicycles with front fork suspension. All brackets are included. Max. load weight 15kg

  • Steco Samba Ahead Carrier


    Large Ahead frame mounted carrier with rail. Fits a medium rattan basket. More suitable for Dutch bikes with large headsets that can accommodate the space needed for putting on a crate. This carrier sits rigid on the frame

  • V-Brake front carrier

    Steco V-Brake front carrier


    Robust 16mm steel tube front carrier that mounts on the V-brake on the front fork. Used with suspension or non suspension front forks measuring 16″-28″ ISO 11243:2016-12 rated carrier (10 kg). size 18×20 cm. Matte Black epoxy finish

  • Yepp Mini Universal Bracket

    Thule Yepp Mini Universal Bracket


    The Yepp Mini Universal bracket (Slim Fitting) is compatible for use with a wind screen and can be used on bikes with both a stem and an ahead setup. On the stem you will need 21mm of space in order to place the slim fit adapter and it need to comply with the ISO 4210-5. If you…

  • Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi

    Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi


    The Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi seat is a rear mounted seat for bicycles with a 25kg rating on the carrier. Or the Seatpost mounted option is for bicycles without a (suitable ) carrier and mounts to the seat post instead The seat is an ideal option to mount on electric bicycles. Maximum child comfort and…

  • Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini

    Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini


    Maximum child comfort and a safe, custom fit thanks to the adjustable padded 5-point harness Provides a smooth ride for your child in the soft and shock-absorbing seat Lightweight yet sturdy seat combining a hard outer shell with soft padding for premium child comfort Very quick, easy, and convenient securing of your child with the…

  • Thule Yepp Sleep Roll


    Handlebar roll for the Thule yepp mini

  • Winther Cargoo Cargo Bike


    These bikes can be ordered on the bike to work scheme, but if the payment is done via a voucher, we will charge the commission fees to the bill. Please ask your employer to pay for your bike to work scheme via Bank transfer or any other means of direct payment.   A Winther Cargoo…