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  • Yepp Cable King

    Yepp Cable King


    The Yepp Cable King is used in combination with the Yepp Seatpost mounting rear seat Is the brake or gear cable in the way of installing your Yepp bike seat on your frame or seatpost? The handy Cable King allows you to easily bundle the cables out of the way in the Yepp Adapter.

  • Yepp Easyfit Carrier Bracket

    Yepp Easyfit Carrier Bracket


    More bicycle manufacturers these days will include an easyfit window in their rear carrier, does your bike not have an easyfit window on your rear carrier then this easyfit carrier is what you need. Attachments is very quick with 4 bolts.

  • Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat Easyfit

    Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat Easyfit


    The Easyfit bike seats attaches to your rear carrier, in some cases you may need the easyfit bracket but more and more (Dutch) brands are building bikes with an easyfit window for easy attachment to your rear carrier. *The rear carrier on your bike should be suitable for a weight of at least 25kg, if…

  • Sale! Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat Seat Post Attaching

    Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat Seat Post Attaching

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    The seat itself is made of EVA, the same material Croc shoes are made of, and is water repellent and shock absorbing, and super easy to clean and wipe dry. It is suitable from 9 months up to 6 years or up to 22kg, comes with integrated lock and a 5 point harness.

  • Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

    Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat


    This Yepp Mini front bike seat is suitable for kids up to approximately 3 years old or 15kg. The seat has a handlebar integrated, a 5 point harness  and a lock to lock the seat to your bicycle. The attachment for this seat is suitable both for a headset (20mm spacers) and a Quill stem….

  • Yepp Mini Universal Bracket

    Yepp Mini Universal Bracket


    The Yepp Mini Universal bracket (Slim Fitting) is compatible for use with a wind screen and can be used on bikes with both a stem and an ahead setup. On the stem you will need 21mm of space in order to place the slim fit adapter and it need to comply with the ISO 4210-5. If you…

  • Yepp Seatpost Bracket

    Yepp Seatpost Bracket


    A spare or replacement bracket for the Yepp Maxi Seat Post mounting, handy for on a second bike and you can swap the seat in minutes

  • Yepp Up

    Yepp Up


    The Yepp up is an easy to carry along folding set of legs so you can use your yepp mini on the go and transform it in to a seat for your little one, comes with handy carry bag

  • Yepp Wind Screen

    Yepp Wind Screen


    Use this windscreen to keep wind, flies or our Irish sideways rain out of your child’s face, to be used in combination with a Yepp mini front bike seat

  • Yeppie Feet

    Yeppie Feet


    No more feet caught between the spokes. At least 2,500 children have to be treated for spoke-related injuries every year. With Yeppie Feet®, these kinds of accidents are a thing of the past. This universal spoke guard is suitable for 26” and 28” bikes fitted with a mudguard. The extra tough – and reusable! –…