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  • Babboe BIG

    Babboe BIG


    Excellent features include: Shimano Nexus 7 speed Carrier box with 2 benches, 4 three point safety belts & 2 children steps Quick release lever to adjust saddle height ART approved frame lock LED bike lights Toy Bar Reflective pedals and tires Carrier box cover Earned Perfect Pass – Safety tested by SGS Group Holland (international…

  • Bakfiets CargoTrike Classic Wide


    The Bakfiets CargoTrike wide is due it its 3 wheels a perfect choice if you prefer stability. The CargoTrike Wide is a 10cm Wider version of the CargoTrike Narrow. There are 2 benches with 4 seats, and due to the larger box capacity, the CargoTrike wide lends itself very well for carrying goods. The CargoTrike…

  • Bakfiets CargoTrike Cruiser Wide


    The Bakfiets CargoTrike Cruiser Wide is the vintage version of the Classic model. It differentiates itself from the classic CargoTrike by being upgraded with: Wide Matte Black mudguards Balloon tyres Brooks Leather Saddle Brooks Leather Grips No rear carrier The Width of the bike is 95cm and the length 210cm

  • Bakfiets Trike Classic Narrow


    With a Bakfiets Trike you won’t have to worry about stability, the Bakfiets Cargotrike narrow is the smaller version that can still take 4 kids on the supplied benches. On top of the mudguards there is a step to enable the kids to climb in or out of the box. Rain tents and other accessories…

  • Bakfiets Trike Cruiser Narrow


    The Cargotrike Cruiser is a vintage version of the classic. Where it differs with the Classic version is: Wide mudguards Balloon Tyres Leather Saddle Leather Grips No rear carrier The width of the bike is 85cm and the length 210cm

  • Nihola 4.0

    Nihola 4.0


    The Nihola 4.0 has room for up to 4 children or a carry cot/maxi cosi and 2 kids on the bench, it is equipped with strong Magura brakes for extra control. The Nihola 4.0 is only available as a black bike and there are 5 colour choices for the box and the rain tent. There…

  • Nihola Dog

    Nihola Dog


    The Nihola Dog is a cargo bike specially designed for cycling around with your Dog. It comes with a dog belt and an aluminium opening door.  There is a choice of 8 colours for the box so your pet can pick it’s favourite. The Nihola Dog is build with an 8 speed Shimano Nexus gear hub…

  • Nihola Family

    Nihola Family


    The Nihola Family is the best sold cargo bike out of Nihola’s large selection of cargo bikes. The bike is sold as a complete package where you have a choice of 8 colours for both the box and the rain hood. It comes equipped with a bench and cushion ,1 seatbelt, security straps for a…

  • Nihola Flex

    Nihola Flex


    The Nihola flex is a cargo bike especially built for transporting a wheelchair. It has a very low base with a ramp that folds down, it accommodates wheelchairs with a  max width 68cm. The wheelchair is then fixed in place with quick adaptors similar to systems used on trains, buses and cars. The Nihola Flex…

  • Winther Cargoo Cargo Bike


    A Winther Cargoo Cargo Bike makes it quick and easy to carry goods, children and other cargo around. It is suitable for personal or business use and can carry cargo of up to 100 kg – without impacting the environment. MANOEUVRABILITY ON THREE WHEELS A Cargoo offers excellent road-holding capabilities, and it is easy to…

  • Winther Kangaroo Lite


    High quality The design of a Kangaroo Lite is simpler that the Kangaroo Luxe, but it still has everything you need to get around in an easy and pleasant manner when travelling with your children. The road-holding qualities are great, it is stable and easy to ride – and the spacious cabin has plenty of…

  • Winther Kangaroo Luxe

    Winther Kangaroo Luxe


    Designed with children in focus The Kangaroo is intended for transportation of children and this has been the focus from the start unlike other cargo bikes where cargo transportation is the point of departure. So it is not only the superb road-holding capabilities we have thought of, but equally important is it that the children…