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  • Babboe Cargobike Bench Pillows

    Babboe Cargobike Bench Pillows


    Funky coloured pillows to cover the bench(es) of your cargo bike. Perfectly suited to dress up the bike, and make the benches a little more comfortable. With these pillows you would use the normal seatbelts.  

  • Babboe Child Seat


    The Babboe child seat is ideal if your child is not able yet to sit without support. These Babboe Child seat provide a bit of side support. The Child seat is ideal for the transition from toddler seat to sitting on the bench. The Babboe Child seat will fit in any model Babboe, in the…

  • Babboe Kickstand Rubber Feet


    Replacement rubber feet for the stand of the Babboe City/Mini price is per set of 2

  • Babboe Maxi Cosi Bracket

    Babboe Maxi Cosi Bracket


    The Maxi Cosi Adapter is made for use in the Babboe City or the Babboe Curve and is suitable for all Maxi Cosi seats. The baby is comfortably placed in your Maxi Cosi and is securely attached to Cargo Bike. In addition, a spring absorb shocks, which ensures optimum support for the child. The box…

  • Babboe Rain Tent

    Babboe Rain Tent


    The rain tent protects your children not only from the rain, but also from the bright sun. The Babboe rain tent is delivered ready to use and can be easily installed by inserting the tubes of the rain tent into the corner mountings of the carrier box. Comes in Black and Grey or Blue (+€25)

  • Babboe rear carrier


    A rear carrier for a Babboe City or Curve

  • Babboe Baby & Toddler Seat

    Baby & Toddler Seat


    Baby Seat 3-8 months Babies can also be safely transported in the Cargo Bike. You can use a regular car baby seat, like a Maxi Cosi car seat, but it will take up a lot of space. The baby seat is a good alternative. It can be used to safely transport babies from 2 to…

  • Cargo Bike Night Cover (Pyjama)

    Cargo Bike Night Cover (Pyjama)


    The Cargo bike night cover provides  maximum protection when your Cargo Bike is kept outside,we advise you to use the pyjama cover. The pyjama cover protects your Cargo bike in all weather conditions and to prevent theft. Made of strong waterproof woven material length 295×120 height Black material

  • Melia Seat Head and Body reducer


    Extra padding for use with the Melia baby seat for either head support or body support.

  • Universal Cargo Bike Cover

    Universal Cargo Bike Cover


    The universal Luxury Cargo bike cover will fit most 2 and 3 wheel cargo bikes Comes in a handy storage bag for when not in use on the bike  

  • Viro Super Blocca 150cm

    Viro Super Blocca 150cm


    Virgo are lock makers from Italy and have been making products for Italian bank safes The Viro Super Blocca Catena is a strong chain long enough for locking a cargo bike. It measures 150cm long and the links are made with 10mm hardened steel. The lock is made of solid brass with hardened steel which…