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  • Babboe BIG E Power

    Babboe BIG E Power


    The Babboe Big E Power has all of the same great features as the Babboe Big, plus… Assisted pedalling up to 9.3 mph Mountain gear additional assistance up to 14 mph Battery life of approximately 24 miles or 40 kilometres 7 speed Shimano derailleur gear Earned Perfect Pass – Safety tested by SGS Group Holland…

  • Babboe Carve E

    Babboe Carve E


    With the Babboe Carve you buy the best of both worlds, the stability of a 3 wheeler with the manoeuvrability of a 2 wheeler. The wheels move independently from the box making the riding experience more stable. With the Babboe Carve mechanism you have the option of leaning with the bike into the corners, as…

  • Babboe City E-bike

    Babboe City E-bike


    The 2-wheel Babboe City is available as an electric model, with G.W.A pedal assistance. You will reach incredible speed with the cargo bike, if the electric pedal assistance is on. The striking beech wood container has smooth, curved corners and a high edge for added safety. The tyres are extra thick, making the cargo bike…

  • Babboe Curve-E

    Babboe Curve-E


    The Babboe Curve Electric is an elegant electric Cargobike with room for 4 kids. Where it differs from the Babboe Big is that in the Babboe Curve you can take a Maxi Cosi in the box whilst still being able to take other children as well. Delivery of these bikes is approximately 5 weeks in…

  • Babboe Dog E

    Babboe Dog E


    The Babboe Dog Electric is built so that your pooch can come along for the ride, after all he is part of the family! The Electric Babboe Dog has 7 derailleur gears, and 6 levels of pedal assistance. The front panel opens out to act as a ramp for your dogs to easily get in…

  • Babboe Max E


    The Babboe Max E is an electric cargo bike suitable to take 6 kids in the box. It comes with an electric GWA rear wheel motor A rain canopy included 6 seats lengthways (2×3)with 3 point harnesses Hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels Mechanical disc brake on the rear wheel The average radius for…

  • Babboe Mini E

    Babboe Mini E


    The Babboe Mini-E is the electric version of the Babboe Mini. The mini is suitable for families with 1 or 2 children  where storage space is at a premium. Another advantage is that because of the shorter frame compared to the Babboe city , this bike will handle more like an ordinary bike and is…

  • Bakfiets NL Cargobike Short

    Bakfiets CargoBike Classic Short StePs


    The Classic Bakfiets Short is closest to’s original model. It is easy to handle with a low centre of gravity and the box close to the ground so kids can climb in with ease. The sturdy 4 point stand leaves the bike stable when parked. The seat belts have a magnetic buckle.\ The powerfull…

  • Bakfiets Cargobike Cruiser Long StePs


    The Bakfiets Cargobike Cruiser Long StePs is a vintage style version of the Bakfiets Classic with electric Motor. The mid mounted motor is Shimano Steps The Classic Cruiser has balloon tyres, a brooks saddle and grips, no rear carrier, and extra wide mudguards. Available in Black, Matte Black, Petrol Blue, Matte Blue, Midnight Blue Granite…

  • Bakfiets CargoBike Cruiser Short StePs


    The Bakfiets Cruiser Short is a modern vintage looking cargobike. It is easy to handle with a low centre of gravity and the box close to the ground so kids can climb in with ease. The sturdy 4 point stand leaves the bike stable when parked. The seat belts have a magnetic buckle. The powerfull…

  • Bakfiets Cargotrike Classic Wide StePs


    The bakfiets Cargotrike classic wide is a bike suitable to take 4 kids in the box, it comes with 2 benches and 4 seatbelts. The Cargotrike classic is available in 10 different colours. The Shimano Steps mid mounted motor will help you with heavy loads, longer distances and hilly terrain This electric Cargobike has the…

  • Bakfiets Cargotrike Cruiser Narrow StePs


    The cruiser Trike with cream tires and a modern ‘vintage’ look. The. bike is equipped with the Shimano Steps mid mounted motor. The trike narrow measures 85cm in width and 210 in length

  • Bakfiets CargoTrike Cruiser Wide StePs


    The Bakfiets CargoTrike Cruiser Wide is the vintage version of the Classic model. It differentiates itself from the classic CargoTrike by being upgraded with: Wide Matte Black mudguards Balloon tyres Brooks Leather Saddle Brooks Leather Grips The Width of the bike is 95cm and the length 210cm

  • Bakfiets Trike Classic Narrow StePs


    With a Bakfiets Trike you won’t have to worry about stability, the Bakfiets Cargotrike narrow is the smaller version that can still take 4 kids on the supplied benches. On top of the mudguards there is a step to enable the kids to climb in or out of the box. Rain tents and other accessories…

  • Bakfiets trike Daycare


    The Bakfiets Trike Daycare is developed for the safe transport of 6 toddlers between approximately 2 and 4 years of age. Another child seat can be mounted on the rear carrier to be able to take a 7th child. Do be aware, the older the kids, the less room is left. The bike comes equipped…

  • Centaur Cargo Bike

    Centaur Cargo Bike


    The Centaur cargo bike lends itself extremely well to business/last miles delivery bike the Centaur cargo bike can be fitted with either the Composite box or the Flight Case Ideal bike for all your business needs Whether you’re transporting small goods or large packages, there is always a suitable box available for you. For smaller…

  • Centaur Cargo Trike XL

    Centaur Cargo Trike XL


    The Centaur Cargo Trike XL is an ideal business cargo bike for those big deliveries, with a huge 850 liter composite box, no job is too big or to small. The powerful Yamaha mid motor enables you to cycle with ease even with a full load on board. A comfortable and stable cargo bike The…

  • Dolly Cargo Electric

    Dolly Cargo Electric


    The Dolly Cargo is a bike that lends itself exceptionally well for business use. The flight case box has a volume of 280L and a carrying capacity of 80kg.The Dolly Cargo comes in 4 frame colours, has an Enviolo -NuVinci step less CA Gargo internal gear hub,  The double stand makes this bike very steady…