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  • Pre Order Winther Kangaroo Lite


    With all the delays worldwide of bicycles and parts, we have pre ordered a very limited amount of these bikes, they are due around September 2022, This model has the Shimano Steps motor with 8 Alfine internal gears. You can select the colour and the seat options High quality The design of a Kangaroo Lite…

  • Universal Cargo Bike Cover

    Universal Cargo Bike Cover


    The universal Luxury Cargo bike cover will fit most 2 and 3 wheel cargo bikes Comes in a handy storage bag for when not in use on the bike  

  • Viro Super Blocca 150cm

    Viro Super Blocca 150cm


    Virgo are lock makers from Italy and have been making products for Italian bank safes The Viro Super Blocca Catena is a strong chain long enough for locking a cargo bike. It measures 150cm long and the links are made with 10mm hardened steel. The lock is made of solid brass with hardened steel which…

  • Winther Cargoo Cargo Bike


    A Winther Cargoo Cargo Bike makes it quick and easy to carry goods, children and other cargo around. It is suitable for personal or business use and can carry cargo of up to 100 kg – without impacting the environment. MANOEUVRABILITY ON THREE WHEELS A Cargoo offers excellent road-holding capabilities, and it is easy to…

  • Winther Kangaroo Lite


    High quality The design of a Kangaroo Lite is simpler that the Kangaroo Luxe, but it still has everything you need to get around in an easy and pleasant manner when travelling with your children. The road-holding qualities are great, it is stable and easy to ride – and the spacious cabin has plenty of…

  • Winther Kangaroo Luxe

    Winther Kangaroo Luxe


    Designed with children in focus The Kangaroo is intended for transportation of children and this has been the focus from the start unlike other cargo bikes where cargo transportation is the point of departure. So it is not only the superb road-holding capabilities we have thought of, but equally important is it that the children…

  • Workcycles FR8

    Workcycles FR8


    The Workcycles FR8 comes standard in either Satin black, Ocean Blue or Matte Grey, It has a front roller brake and dynamo LED lighting front and rear. It can be customised to your specifications, wether you want a cargo and child carrying bike. Or prefer a naked bike for cruising around. To a monster haulier…

  • Workcycles Fr8 ebike


    The Fr8 MAD is the electric Mid Mounted Motor electric option on the popular Workcycles Fr8 It comes equipped with a strong mid mounted Bafang Motor, a 612Wh battery and an Enviolo (nuvinci) hub on the rear. The Fr8 RWD has a rear wheel Neodrive Z20 motor, a 612Wh battery and is fitted with a…

  • Workcycles Gr8

    Workcycles Gr8


    The Gr8 (pronounced “Great”) is the lighter, compact version of WorkCycles’ amazingly versatile modular bike system. Like its big brother, the Fr8, the Gr8 can be configured for many purposes: commuting, carrying a child, rentals, or even fleet use for industry. In fact, almost all of the Fr8 carriers and accessories also fit the Fr8….

  • Workcycles Kr8 Cargo Bike

    Workcycles Kr8 Cargo Bike


    Two-wheeler cargobikes/bakfietsen are one of the most brilliant child transport & utility bikes. Easier and nicer to ride than any three-wheeler; the low box and perfect geometry make the handling easy and the bike stable. Built with super-tough construction and all the features of a Dutch city bike. They can carry three young children or…

  • Workcycles Kr8 MAD Electric Cargobike


    The Kr8 MAD (mid axle drive) is Workcycles electric cargo bike with a mid mounted motor, it has a powerful electric assist Bafang Max mid drive motor. With 250W of power running through the  gearbox the Kr8 Mid Drive is a joy to ride both uphill and longer distances. The Workcycles Kr8 Electric now  comes…

  • Workcycles Kr8 Rear Wheel Drive

    Workcycles Kr8 Rear Wheel Drive


    The Kr8 Rear Wheel Drive is Workcycles electric cargo bike with a mid mounted motor, it has a powerful electric assist Neodrives Z20 motor. With 250W of power running through the  gearbox the Kr8 Rear wheel Drive is a joy to ride both uphill and longer distances. This model has a 10 speed derailleur The…