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  • Front Wheel Spoke Guard

    Front Wheel Spoke Guard


    The front wheel spoke guard protects little feet and is used in conjunction with the cross bar saddle or any other front mounted bike seat where there is a chance of feet getting caught in the front wheel. Fits most types of front forks

  • Opossum Front Bike Seat Snug

    Opossum Front Bike Seat Snug


    Opossum is the ideal solution for cycling with your child on the cold, windy and rainy days. The Opossum is very easy to put on the seat, has a universal fitting for most child seats, and acts as a thermal coat to keep your chid snug and warm. The Opossum bike seat cover acts as…

  • Oxford Tube mounted bicycle seat

    Oxford Tube mounted bicycle seat


    Mounts to the cross bar Very simple cost effective seat For use on a gents bike includes foot rest and straps Suitable for 3-6 years 22kg weight limit Simple installation

  • Steco Foot Support

    Steco Foot Support


    The Steco Foot Support bar is used in conjunction with our cross bar saddle and provides space for your child’s feet. It comes with 3 different size brackets so can be used on most sized frames

  • Velo Cross Bar Saddle

    Velo Cross Bar Saddle


    The Velo Cross bar saddle is suitable for using on the top tube of a steel gents bike. We do recommend purchasing additional foot support for the headset or down tube so your child has a place to put their feet.

  • Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

    Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat


    This Yepp Mini front bike seat is suitable for kids up to approximately 3 years old or 15kg. The seat has a handlebar integrated, a 5 point harness  and a lock to lock the seat to your bicycle. The attachment for this seat is suitable both for a headset (20mm spacers) and a Quill stem….