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  • Oxford Tube mounted bicycle seat

    Oxford Tube mounted bicycle seat


    Mounts to the cross bar Very simple cost effective seat For use on a gents bike includes foot rest and straps Suitable for 3-6 years 22kg weight limit Simple installation

  • Qibbel Junior

    Qibbel Junior


    The Qibbel Junior seat is suitable for children who have grown out of the standar child seat and are old enough to be transported with just a lap belt and foot pegs, usually around 6+ Comes with a bracket that clamps down on a rear carrier Lap belt and foot supports included

  • Sale! Simson Back Support

    Simson Back Support

    13.00 10.00

    A very simple solution for carrying older children on the back of a bike. Attaches to a good strong carrier.  Often used in combination with foot pegs.

  • Steco Foot Support

    Steco Foot Support


    The Steco Foot Support bar is used in conjunction with our cross bar saddle and provides space for your child’s feet. It comes with 3 different size brackets so can be used on most sized frames

  • Velo Cross Bar Saddle

    Velo Cross Bar Saddle


    The Velo Cross bar saddle is suitable for using on the top tube of a steel gents bike. We do recommend purchasing additional foot support for the headset or down tube so your child has a place to put their feet.

  • Ventisit Carrier Pillow

    Ventisit Carrier Pillow


    Ventisit cushions are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides for an optimal ventilation. The cushions are comfortable and have a clearly evident yet not overly soft suspension ensuring your child can sit in a firm and stable manner on the back carrier of a bicycle. Attaches to the rear…