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  • Bobike Balance Bike

    Bobike Balance Bike


    The Bobike Balance Bike is a training bike suitable for children from 2 – 5 years. The Balance Bike helps little ones to learn how to steer, keep their balance and develop their motor skills. It is literally the very first step to learn how to ride a bike. The Balance Bike has a built-in…

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    Knee and Elbow Pads


    Knee and elbow pad set Suitable from 18 months to 5 years old Strider Brand

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    Micro Scooter Bell


    Small ting ting bell suitable for micro scooters can be used on other wheeled toys lightweight easy to attach

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    Micro Scooter Pull and Carry Strap


    Strap for carrying or pulling your Childs micro scooter Can be used for balance bikes as well

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    Oxford Scootsafe


    Combination Lock for a (micro) scooter

  • Pex Balance Bike

    Pex Balance Bike


    The Pex Balance bike is suitable for kids from about 20 months up to 4+ years The saddle is adjustable from 27cm up to 37cm It comes with 12 inch foam filled tyres Weight is approximately 5kg Handlebars and saddle are adjustable in height using the allen key provided Available in Red, Green, Pink and…

  • Puky LR XL Balance Bike

    Puky LR XL Balance Bike


    This Puky Balance Bike is for larger kids (4+) still wanting to use a balance bike or not yet ready for a pedal bike, It comes equipped with airfilled tyres, a learner bike saddle and spoked wheels. It has a low instep and a generous platform to rest their feet. Suitable for kids around 95cm…

  • Puky LR XL Classic


    The Puky LR XL Classic is a balance bike for older kids with an overal height of around 95 to 130cm. The bike is equipped with a brake, a kick stand , a plastic wicker basket and a generous platform to rest their feet once they mastered balancing. The Air filled tyres and spoked wheels…

  • Puky Lr1 Brake


    The Puky Lr1 Brake as the name suggest has the added benefit of coming equipped with a front brake, and is available in a few different designs. The Puky Lr1 Brake is suitable for kids from 3 years old with a height of around 90cm and upwards, and an inseam measurement of at least 34cm….

  • Puky LR1 L Balance Bike


    A Balance Bike suitable for children 3+ equipped with air filled/pneumatic tyres. Slightly bigger than the LR M for kids with a height of 90cm and an inside leg of 35cm. It comes equipped with a low instep, a learner bike saddle,a kick stand, a generous platform to rest their feet and safety hand grips Weighs…

  • Puky LRM Balance Bike

    Puky LRM Balance Bike


    The puky LR M Balance bike is puky’s smallest balance bike for the smallest riders,at only 3.5 kgs in weight it is one of the lightest balance bikes made. The Puky LR M is suitable for kids around 2 years of age around 85 cm with an inside leg measurement of 30cm. It has a…

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    Puky LRM Classic


    The Puky LRM Classic is a balance bike for children from about 2 years old with an overal height of 85 to 110cm and an inside leg measurement of 30-43cm. The bike has a low instep with a platform to rest their feet once they have learned how to balance. The Puky LRM Classic comes…

  • Puky TG Carry strap for Balance Bikes

    Puky TG Carry strap for Balance Bikes


    If your child halfway through your walk decides it doesn’t want to go on their bike any more for a while this handy carry strap allows mum or dad to simply carry it over their shoulder with this handy strap.

  • Pukylino ride on

    Pukylino ride on


    Your childs very first puky is what this pukylino is all about, it is suitable from 1 year old. Is great for learning how to steer and for the leg movement in preparation of a balance bike. It has an ergonomically moulded seat, safe handgrips, silent wheels and strong powder coating Weight 2.7kg Dimensions 51x26cm…

  • Pukymoto


    The Pukymoto is a ride on 3 wheeler for children from about 18 months. It has an ergonomic shaped seat with carry handle.The Pukymoto is a pre-balance bike for kids who need that extra wheel for a while.The Pukymoto promotes psychomotor development and is suitable for use inside and outside.

  • Scooterearz


    Scooterearz is a universal weatherproof hand warmer to be used specifically on childrens push-along scooters and balance bikes. They stay attached to the handlebars (although can be transferred easily) and keep childrens hands snuggly warm, thus solving the problem of any lost gloves! You can use your Scooterearz on almost any children”s push along scooter…

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    Strider Bike Replacement Grips


    Replacement grips suitable for strider bikes (only)