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    Bikkel Contigo


    In stock for immediate delivery, available on the bike to work scheme Bikkel Contigo with front mounted motor 49cm step trough frame with seat post suspension making this 51cm 7 Nexus internal gears Front fork suspension Lights operated from the handlebar display Weight including the battery is 25.7kg 468Wh Battery

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    Bohlt X160 Electric Folding Bike


    Bohlt X160 Electric Folding Bike

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    Gazelle Heavy Duty C5 HMB Belt Drive 500Wh


    This bike can be ordered on the bike to work scheme, but if the payment is done via a voucher, we will charge the commission fees to the bill. Please ask your employer to pay for your bike to work scheme via Bank transfer or any other means of direct payment. The ever popular Gazelle…

  • Gazelle Orange C7+ HFP

    Gazelle Orange C7+ HFP

    The Gazelle Orange C7+ is the best selling bike with front wheel motor in Gazelles stable. It has a removable mid mounted display. Other features include seat post and front fork suspension, Low maintenance 7 speed internal gears with roller brakes. Available in step trough or cross bar frames up to 65cm A choice of…

  • Gazelle Orange C8 HMS

    Gazelle Orange C8 HMS

    The Gazelle Orange C8 HMS is the most modern and up to date Gazelle Orange model. The Gazelle Orange C8 HMS comes with a mid mounted motor , Hydraulic brakes and is operated by the Shimano steps system. Because of the low placement of the shimano steps system this bike is very balanced and easy…

  • Workcycles Fr8 ebike


    The Fr8 MAD is the electric Mid Mounted Motor electric option on the popular Workcycles Fr8 It comes equipped with a strong mid mounted Bafang Motor, a 612Wh battery and an Enviolo (nuvinci) hub on the rear. The Fr8 RWD has a rear wheel Neodrive Z20 motor, a 612Wh battery and is fitted with a…