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  • 10" Buggy tube

    10″ Buggy tube


    An inner tube especially for buggies and bikes with 10 inch tyres. It is equipped with a bend schrader valve to easy inflate the tyre at an angle 10 x 1.75 (47-152) 10 x 2.10 (54-152)

  • AXA Plug in chain


    a 120cm plug in chain that was produced to fit all the AXA locks. The lock cover has been customised to show the logo. As this chain fits a range of axa locks, you might find the plug is a bit longer than your lock. This does not affect the safety/security of your setup.

  • Azor Twin Bike


    The Azor Twin bike was developed to cycle with 3 kids and your belongings, it is standard fitted with a front carrier and the rear carrier is long enough to take 2 full size seats. The bike has a 53cm long seat post, lights are operated by the hub dynamo. Different gearing options make this…

  • Babboe BIG

    Babboe BIG


    Excellent features include: Shimano Nexus 7 speed Carrier box with 2 benches, 4 three point safety belts & 2 children steps Quick release lever to adjust saddle height ART approved frame lock LED bike lights Toy Bar Reflective pedals and tires Carrier box cover Earned Perfect Pass – Safety tested by SGS Group Holland (international…

  • Babboe BIG E Power

    Babboe BIG E Power


    The Babboe Big E Power has all of the same great features as the Babboe Big, plus… Assisted pedalling up to 9.3 mph Mountain gear additional assistance up to 14 mph Battery life of approximately 24 miles or 40 kilometres 7 speed Shimano derailleur gear Earned Perfect Pass – Safety tested by SGS Group Holland…

  • Babboe Cargobike Bench Pillows

    Babboe Cargobike Bench Pillows


    Funky coloured pillows to cover the bench(es) of your cargo bike. Perfectly suited to dress up the bike, and make the benches a little more comfortable. With these pillows you would use the normal seatbelts.  

  • Babboe Child Seat


    The Babboe child seat is ideal if your child is not able yet to sit without support. These Babboe Child seat provide a bit of side support. The Child seat is ideal for the transition from toddler seat to sitting on the bench. The Babboe Child seat will fit in any model Babboe, in the…

  • Babboe CITY

    Babboe CITY


    Features of Babboe CITY: Shimano Nexus 7 gears Shimano roller brakes front and back 3 point safety seatbelt Rounded off corners on the box Sturdy quality stand LED lighting front and back Reflective tyres German Beech wood box with PEFC mark Extensively tested on safety and durability by SGS Group Holland (International testing authority) Dimensions…

  • Babboe Curve-E

    Babboe Curve-E


    The Babboe Curve Electric is an elegant electric Cargobike with room for 4 kids. Where it differs from the Babboe Big is that in the Babboe Curve you can take a Maxi Cosi in the box whilst still being able to take other children as well. Delivery of these bikes is approximately 5 weeks in…

  • Babboe Dog

    Babboe Dog


    Why not bring your pooch along on your cycles, after all he is part of the family! With the Babboe dog there is a special front opening ramp so the dog has an easy entry into the box, there is a 2 seater bench for kids which are equipped with 3 point harness and an…

  • Babboe Dog E

    Babboe Dog E


    The Babboe Dog Electric is built so that your pooch can come along for the ride, after all he is part of the family! The Electric Babboe Dog has 7 derailleur gears, and 6 levels of pedal assistance. The front panel opens out to act as a ramp for your dogs to easily get in…

  • Babboe Kickstand Rubber Feet


    Replacement rubber feet for the stand of the Babboe City/Mini price is per set of 2

  • Babboe Max E


    The Babboe Max E is an electric cargo bike suitable to take 6 kids in the box. It comes with an electric GWA rear wheel motor A rain canopy included 6 seats lengthways (2×3)with 3 point harnesses Hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels Mechanical disc brake on the rear wheel The average radius for…

  • Babboe Maxi Cosi Bracket

    Babboe Maxi Cosi Bracket


    The Maxi Cosi Adapter is made for use in the Babboe City or the Babboe Curve and is suitable for all Maxi Cosi seats. The baby is comfortably placed in your Maxi Cosi and is securely attached to Cargo Bike. In addition, a spring absorb shocks, which ensures optimum support for the child. The box…

  • Babboe Mini

    Babboe Mini


    The Babboe Mini is the smaller version of the Babboe city. The box is suitable for 1 or 2 children, or to carry a maxi cosi. Because of the smaller frame, the bike feels very agile and steers very light and direct. It takes up less space than the full size Babboe city. The Babboe…

  • Babboe Mini E

    Babboe Mini E


    The Babboe Mini-E is the electric version of the Babboe Mini. The mini is suitable for families with 1 or 2 children  where storage space is at a premium. Another advantage is that because of the shorter frame compared to the Babboe city , this bike will handle more like an ordinary bike and is…

  • Babboe Mini Mountain


    The Babboe Mini Mountain is the electric version of the Babboe Mini, fitted with a mid mounted Yamaha motor. The mini is suitable for families with 1 or 2 children  where storage space is at a premium. Another advantage is that because of the shorter frame compared to the Babboe city , this bike will…

  • Babboe Rain Tent

    Babboe Rain Tent


    The rain tent protects your children not only from the rain, but also from the bright sun. The Babboe rain tent is delivered ready to use and can be easily installed by inserting the tubes of the rain tent into the corner mountings of the carrier box. Comes in Black and Grey or Blue (+€25)