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Qwic Trend FN7.2-Lite

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The Qwic T-FN7.2 Lite is the ideal entry level electric bike. It comes with all mod cons the enable you to operate the bike with the right level of assistance necessary for your travel. A sleek modern frame makes this bike suitable for any age.

The Qwic T-Fn7.2 lite has 7 shimano nexus hub gears, an enclosed chain case, adjustable leather handgrips, front fork and seat post suspension. The powerful and silent 'two wheel drive' makes this a comfortable bike that will need very little maintenance.

The Qwic T-FN7.2 has a 35Nm front wheel High Torque motor, with this bike it is possible to cycle without pedal assistance. The T-Fn7.2 Lite lends itself for flat and slightly hilly terrain

Standard T-FN7 Lite is equipped with a 375 Wh Li-ion battery with a radius of up to 110 km, which can be upgrade to a 500Wh battery. Thanks to the battery management system the battery is protected against deep discharging itself. The status of your battery can be read trough the USB port, and the key that is used on the rear wheel lock is the same key that locks the battery in to place

  • 7 shimano internal gears
  • Enclosed chain
  • mudguards
  • front fork suspension
  • seatpost suspension
  • digital display
  • 375Wh or 500Wh battery
  • USB port
  • Suitable for flat or hilly terrain
  • Medium step trough frame or Large Gents frame

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