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Workcycles GX Opa Crossframe (Priest bike)

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The classic Dutch cross-frame, originally made for the preacher to ride in his long robes. It's smooth ride, comfortable upright position, lowered step-over and uniqueness make this frame as practical as it is beautiful. The strength and stiffness of the Kruisframe also makes it an ideal choice for tall men and heavy use. With the optional frame-mounted front carrier the Kruisframe also makes a great transport bike, perhaps even better than the Transport Double Tube.

Each frame is hand-brazed, and then hand-built in any WorkCycles GT specification, extra-tough for decades of heavy service. Extensive use of stainless steel, special anticorrosion primer and powdercoat, reinforced wheels, and WorkCycles attention to detail. The WorkCycles Kruisframe is a timeless vehicle built for real utility... not yet another retro-fashion lookalike.

Like all WorkCycles bicycles the Kruisframe 'Pastoorsfiets' can be built to suit your needs and tastes: You can choose amongst a broad range of options for gearing, brakes, front and rear carriers, saddles, tires and more.

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